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12ª edition of the Largest trade fair of Construction and Mining in Latin America
April 23 to 26, 2024

Institutional Partner



Jorge Diaz

Tel.: +1-514-748-8050 x230

Kaique Couto Alberto

Tel.: +1-514-748-8050 x206

Famic Technologies

Components and Services Sector

  • Components of hydraulic electrical and pneumatic systems
  • Software telemetry navigation and monitoring systems

Location: Booth E110-7

Based in Montreal, Canada, with branches in Germany and India, Famic Technologies is leading the industry since 1986 by providing world-class trade-oriented software solutions in the fields of fluid power and industrial automation technologies. Its offer includes: Automation Studio™: the all-in-one intuitive software solution for increased engineering productivity. It offers a user-friendly collaborative environment for CAD and simulation of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and control technologies. The software is used for the design, validation, technical publications, training, maintenance and troubleshooting of multi-technology systems in mobile and industrial equipment, covering the entire machine lifecycle to optimize workflows and reduce product time-to-market. Automation Studio™ Live Manifold: the complete hydraulic manifold software solution for design, prototyping, quoting and machining. The software makes available to users an extensive set of manufacturers’ catalogues as well as a rich toolbar to design manifolds’ circuits. Based on the user-defined technical and business constraints applicable to a manifold circuit, the software automatically generates, out of the said circuit, tens of solutions for the user to choose from and eventually adjust, if need be. The manifold information can be exported to an ‘.ascam’ file. By adding the dedicated plug-in to it, Mastercam can automatically load the ‘.ascam’ file ready for machining operations (3D STEP and Toolpaths) with merely no additional work by the users. The entire manifold workflow can be reduced by up to 80%. Andon Studio™: the Power of Industry 4.0 at one’s fingertips. The software lets the users monitor the productivity of their mobile and industrial machines in real-time, optimize their operations and manage the associated work processes. It helps make the most of Industry 4.0 potential by acquiring, analyzing, sharing and using the operations information to improve productivity, work processes, and to strengthen continuous quality initiatives. Famic Technologies offers its solutions ‘shrink-wrap’ and is flexible to adapt them to specific customers’ needs.

Promotional Materials

Automation Studio™ PRO Brochure

Automation Studio™ PRO Brochure (English)

Andon Studio™ PRO Brochure

Andon Studio™ PRO Brochure (English)